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Exploring Jackson's LotR Films

Corey Olsen, Maggie Parke

You’ve seen the films. You’ve watched the extra features, the extended additions, the commentaries, the interviews, and probably every other published piece of media you could get your hands on about the Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings trilogy. So now what? 

How about an in-depth, analysis-rich exploration of the trilogy with the Tolkien Professor, Dr Corey Olsen, and film adaptation expert Dr Maggie Parke, co-hosts of Rings & Realms and Other Minds and Hands?

In this series we’ll explore Peter Jackson’s films scene by scene; line by line and shot by shot. Discussing adaptation, interpretation and in-depth detail through a close reading of the film. It may take us a few decades, but we’re here for it!
created 8 months ago

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