Signum Collaboratory

About the Signum Collaboratory


The Signum Collaboratory is more than a publishing office; it is an interactive creative community. Subscribers to the Collaboratory not only get access to our library of books and videos as they grow, but they also get the opportunity to roll up their sleeves and get involved in our creative projects. Our members will engage in discussions, make suggestions, and even meet with authors and production teams.

  • In our Library, you can follow your favorite book and video projects as they are released over time, discover something new, or listen to FanTracks commentary on popular films and shows. Everything we have is available to all of our subscribers.
  • There is always something fun happening in our Production Halls, where excellent stories, academic essays, and presentations are posted for review and discussion, before they are released into our Library collection. All subscribers are welcome to participate in the Production Halls.
  • Every Collaboratory comes with a membership to at least one of our Project Rooms, where the future publications of Signum Press and Signum Studios are being built. Choose your favorites and be a part of these excellent and evolving projects.
  • At the Patron level, you will become part of the core support team for one of our star creatives through our Creators’ Circles, receiving exclusive invitations to regular monthly live meetings.
  • Choose your Subscription level and select which Project Rooms and Circles you want to join, and you will be ready to become a part of our creative community at the Signum Collaboratory.